Michal Zelubowski  - President

Michal Zelubowski - President

Robert Zelubowski  - Vice President

Robert Zelubowski - Vice President

Matt Grill -  Remediation Consultant

Matt Grill - Remediation Consultant

Martin Glejdura -  Project Manager

Martin Glejdura - Project Manager

Evelina Kolodziej -  Office Manager

Evelina Kolodziej - Office Manager

Timothy J.W. Lockett -  Office Coordinator

Timothy J.W. Lockett - Office Coordinator

Eva Pilarek -  Administrative Assistant

Eva Pilarek - Administrative Assistant

Russel E. Graham -  Remediation Consultant Emeritus

Russel E. Graham - Remediation Consultant Emeritus

Head of Security -  Fancy

Head of Security - Fancy


Founding of Five Star

Learning firsthand the importance of quality control and attention to detail when constructing durable walls, Michal Zelubowski founded Five Star Contractors, Inc. in 1999. Michal began on commercial properties, and quickly worked his way into residential remediation. In 2008, Michal expanded, joining forces with his brother Robert, and shifted his focus to the proper remediation of moisture damaged walls and windows, particularly those with stucco and stone veneers to make them more durable. Through his experience of the window installation business, and the eventual running of his own company, Robert is uniquely qualified when it comes to the installation and integration of windows, doors, and other fenestrations into the building envelope of a property.

Growing their business slowly, they were intent on forming a complete understanding of all aspects of building science as it relates to moisture management, and the manufacturing of more durable walls. Once this objective was established, they assembled a team of trained professionals who understood not only how to accomplish this goal, but why it was necessary to repair damaged walls and windows above and beyond the building code (and legal minimum) to prevent any conditions which could lead to new damage occurring.

Five Star Philosophy

Five Star Contractors, Inc. finds itself on the forefront in the remediation field not simply because of our desire to outperform our competitors, but rather our unwavering commitment to do what is required to provide value to our customers long after a project has been completed. It seems as if every year there are more stories about large companies in Delaware and Pennsylvania setting aside large sums of money in order to fix homes they have built, or pay for the litigation against them. Although Five Star may be a smaller company, we follow a philosophy that our competitors have forgotten in their pursuit of profit, and that is simply that the quality of work, and return on investment for customers outweigh all other metrics of a business' success.


Why Five Star?

Located in scenic Malvern, PA, Five Star serves South-Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware as the premium choice as your building envelope specialists. Five Star excels in the remediation, replacement, and restoration of moisture damaged walls due to an extensive understanding of the building science of each project we undertake. This unique approach allows us to to provide our customers with high-quality service that our competitors cannot match.

Five Star will remediate your home in a way you can be proud of.

Five Star will remediate your home in a way you can be proud of.

Commitment to Excellence

Five Star Contractors, Inc. is devoted to providing the best possible service to each customer, which is why we are constantly working on obtaining new qualifications, as well as further mastering our current skill-sets to provide all clients with the best service available. Five Star:

  • Employs well-trained, dedicated individuals

  • Carefully selects the materials used to ensure consistent quality across a broad spectrum of individual housing needs

  • Is owned by experts who have years of comprehensive field experience and who understand the importance of attention to detail needed to accomplish the task at hand

One of Five Star’s most recent GuildQuality reviews!

Field Experience

Five Star Contractors, Inc. has had its doors open to the public for over 19 years now, and has gained a wealth of knowledge about both the industry, and the extensive building code required to complete a successful remediation. Between Michal and Robert you will find years of field experience. All of this expertise is at your disposal when you employ Five Star, all you need to do is pick up the phone!


Building Science

Sunlight, trees, and surrounding homes can affect cladding, especially in the summer and winter months. As this picture illustrates, different rooms receive varying amounts of sunlight.

Sunlight, trees, and surrounding homes can affect cladding, especially in the summer and winter months. As this picture illustrates, different rooms receive varying amounts of sunlight.

You may have read the above descriptions and thought to yourself, "This all sounds great! But what exactly is Building Science?" Building Science is defined as the collection of scientific data and experience that focuses on the analysis and control of physical phenomena affecting buildings and architecture. Now you may be asking yourself, “Well… what did that mean?”

To explain what Building Science is, ask yourself this, "Does one room in my house experience significant temperature changes throughout the seasons?" or "Does one side of my home get more sunlight than the others?" Simply put, Five Star considers all possible factors before recommending what materials are to be used, and how the project is to be serviced before starting a project. We consider every window, elevation, and environmental factor we can before recommending products, and their subsequent uses to our prospective customers. We take pride in knowing that your home will not only look professional, but that all elevations will support efficient home heating and cooling throughout the years.

Our unique interpretation of this science, and the principles behind it, allow us to stay a step ahead of our competitors at all times. Five Star knows and understands that every home is unique, and that each remediation project will require a customized approach to its scope of work from one property to the next. We build with a purpose, and do not approach any project without a firm understanding of what each homeowner is trying to create.

 Our Process

At Five Star, we have found the old adage of, "Measure twice, cut once." to be true. Over the years, we have found that following this mantra has lead us to success. We consistently renovate above the required code, and make sure to build in a way that compliments the various contours of each home. Our belief is that each wall, window, and door should be done right the first time, working with the architecture of the home, rather than against it. At Five Star we do not cut corners, charge a fair rate for all services, and stand by our product: your home!