You may have read the caption above and thought, “That sounds wonderful! But what exactly is Building Science?” Building Science is defined as, “the collection of scientific data and experience that focuses on the analysis and control of physical phenomena affecting buildings and architecture.”… Now… you may be wondering, “And what does that mean?”

Ask yourself this, “Do any rooms in my house experience significant temperature changes throughout the seasons?” or “Does one side of my home get more sunlight than the others?” Put simply, Five Star Contractors, INC. considers all possible factors before recommending what materials to use, and how the full scope is to unfold before breaking ground. We consider every window, every environmental factor, and every material arrangement we can before recommending products to our homeowners. As stucco repair contractors, we take pride in knowing that your home will not only look amazing, but that all elevations will support efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

Building Science 1
Sunlight, trees, and surrounding homes can affect cladding, especially in the summer and winter months. As this picture illustrates, different rooms receive varying amounts of sunlight.
Building Science 2
Each elevation receives varying levels on sunlight throughout the day.
Our unique interpretation of this science, and the principles behind it, allow us to stay a step ahead of our competitors at all times. Five Star Contractors, INC. knows and understands that every home is unique, and that each Stucco remediation project will require a customized approach to its scope of work from one property to the next. We build with a purpose, and do not approach any project without a firm understanding of what each homeowner is trying to create.