In an increasingly competitive construction industry, it is becoming more common to match form with function, the synergy of which can lead to a beautiful design. What we have found through years of working with James Hardie™ is that their products are durable, designed well, and are low-maintenance for a homeowner’s peace of mind.


A hallmark of Hardie™ siding is their durability. Siding is exposed to inclement weather all four seasons, all hours of the day, for years. Whether it is ice, rain, snow, heat or humidity, you want a cladding (industry term for siding) that can stand up to the rigors of mother nature.
This is why Five Star Contractors, INC. uses Hardie™ siding for the homes we work with. When installed properly, Hardie™ significantly outperforms other claddings. Fiber cement has a plethora of pro’s in it’s corner which include:


Hardie™ is engineered above and beyond what most industry experts would consider as an acceptable cladding. Fiber cement is extremely durable, but it offers another function that most do not consider when purchasing their Hardie™ siding: design.
Technological advancements happen quite rapidly these days in the field of construction. It seems as if most remediation’s are moving away from traditional designs, and are replacing them with newer, more modern architecture which can look bizarre to those accustomed to more traditional structures.
Hardie™ allows you to do either. You can opt for a more traditional design of your home, while replacing aged siding with a climate engineered cladding, or you can opt for an all new look with an updated, and unique design, all while enjoying the benefits of this cladding.

Low Maintenance

Everything about Hardie™ siding is designed with the consumer in mind. One of the biggest attributes to having your home clad in Hardie™ is the fact that you will not need to repaint for years (if at all) over the lifetime of the project. Hardie™’s revolutionary ColorPlus technology painting resists fading, has a simple selection of colors to choose from, and has a consistent coating applied to the cladding.
Hardie™ also does not require cleanings like vinyl and other cladding. You simply spray the siding with a hose, and voila! The dirt and grime is gone! Hardie™ is so sure of their ColorPlus painting, that they offer a 15-year limited warranty covers paint and labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Fire Resistance

If a fire were to occur near your home, would you want a your home to be covered in a fuel source for the fire, a thin plastic that will melt almost instantly exposing your walls to further damage, or a non-combustible material?

The three claddings described above were wood, vinyl, and Hardie™ fiber cement respectively. Fiber cement is non-combustable, and therefore will not ignite, nor will it add fuel to a fire if one were to occur.

Although not flame retardant, Hardie™’s fiber cement holds up well to fire damage, and is endorsed by firefighters nationwide. You do not want to have a fire take place, seek shelter, and then find that the very walls you thought that would protect you are in fact adding fuel to the fire.

How do they make fiber cement?

One of the most frequently asked questions our prospective customers ask us when we talk to them about James Hardie™ siding is simply, “What is fiber cement?”
Originally engineered to replace wood, Hardie™ acts like concrete, and outlasts even the toughest seasons. Made of just a few simple ingredients, this cladding is extremely durable, and meets the fantastic four of cladding criteria for any home: looks, durability, low maintenance, and affordability.

Return on Investment

Hardie™ offers so many benefits that it is often hard to summarize to a homeowner at once without them feeling overwhelmed. One major benefit that can be seen quickly (besides the obvious curb appeal) are the savings you will find on the cost of insuring a home clad with Hardie™. Many insurer’s offer discounts once a house is re-clad with James Hardie™, because the cladding is non-combustible, and hail-damage resistant. This potentially could save on monthly premiums for insuring the home depending on the insurance provider. Hardie™’s fiber cement costs less than wood, does not attract pests, and resists water absorption which protects against mold, swelling and cracking. Why not get the same benefits and beauty of wood, but without the cost, maintenance requirements, and durability that Hardie™ siding offers? James Hardie™ fiber cement siding is a well-engineered product, that can add to the resale value of a home. If interested, please click below, or call our office so we can educate you further.