First, we tear off all damaged or defective wall coverings to not only make way for the new cladding (siding), but to repair all of the unsightly damage and rot you see above.

Homes like this are prevalent in Pennsylvania, but not to worry! Five Star Contractors, INC. specializes in repairing even the worst of homes.

Once all cladding (siding) has been removed, we repair all structural damage caused by poor moisture management through incorrect installation, and then wrap your home. This is a very important step that requires extensive knowledge of carpentry, as well as the latest moisture management best practices. Once complete, Five Star Contractors, INC. installs the desired siding, and leaves you with a home you can be proud of!

At Five Star Contractors, INC., we have found the old adage of, “Measure twice, cut once!” to be true. Over the years, we have found that following this mantra has lead us to success both in and out of the field. We consistently renovate above and beyond the required code, and make sure to build in a way that compliments the various contours of each home. Our belief is that each wall, window, and door should be done right the first time, working with the architecture of the home, rather than against it. At Five Star Contractors, INC. we do not cut corners, charge a fair rate for all services, and stand by our product: your home!