The raw beauty of stucco can be enjoyed for years when installed correctly.

Stucco is a beautiful cladding, and when installed properly, can either meet or exceed any cladding on the market. Unfortunately, most stucco today has been installed incorrectly, and has become a nuisance to homeowners of all social classes. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Stucco Remediation

In recent years, stucco has gotten a bad name as many people think that stucco fails due to the nature of the stucco itself. This is simply not true. What leads to massive structural integrity failures in a stucco clad home is the poor installation, and misapplication or omission of proper flashing techniques.
Skipping these steps to cut costs does not allow the stucco to vent consistently and handle excess moisture properly, which will lead to failure of the cladding system. With proper installation, stucco can meet or exceed many other cladding’s offered today.
As the premium stucco remediation specialists for Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have years of experience in this field. Whether it is a full restoration of a homeowners stucco or a complete re-cladding of the home, Five Star Contractors, INC. is more than capable of satisfying all siding and home restoration requests.

Stucco in the News

Here is a feature of Moisture Inspector Kevin Thompson of the Green Valley Group and Five Star Contractors, INC. in the Philadelphia Inquirer. As you can see from the video above, improper installation of stucco (any cladding really) can wreak havoc on a home.

Beauty of Stucco

Stucco is a beautiful cladding when it is properly applied, and has a wide array of color options to match any roofing, shutter, or alternative cladding color. We have been installing stucco for years, and the color combinations our customers choose never cease to amaze.

Proper Installation

It is important to understand that stucco (when installed correctly) is every bit as durable as other cladding’s. Correct installation does not, however, mean code compliant. This means using the right WRB (weather resistant barrier) and having it properly installed, using the right flashing details (including true sill pans), fastening only where sheathing is backed by framing, and most importantly providing a properly vented rain screen design (space behind the cladding). The rain screen provides a capillary break (a membrane that stops the flow of water) to prohibit moisture transfer into the wood behind it, provides a space for water to drain, and provides a means of ventilation so the wood components of the wall can dry. This is all above, and beyond our current code! Stucco walls were once known for their beauty, and durability. Today, however, they are increasingly becoming known for failures related to moisture damage. These failures result in expensive repairs and angst for the homeowner, as well as a reluctance by potential buyers to assume risk purchasing a stucco home. Employ Five Star Contractors, INC. to properly remediate your stucco, and we can show you just how beautiful this properly installed cladding can be.


Stucco is unlike other cladding’s, which have the advantage of a space behind the structure either by design, or code requirements. Unfortunately, most contractors in the remediation field either do not know how, or are unable to properly vent a rain screen and the other critical components that are necessary to prevent a stucco walls premature failure.
You will find if the necessary steps are taken when installing a stucco wall, and if given the same capillary breaks and spacing advantages that stucco can perform just as well (or better!) than other cladding’s.