Meet Our Team.

Our siding specialists are the most recognized and respected Stucco remediation contractors in the Tri-state area.

Michal Zelubowski


Robert Zelubowski

Vice President

Matt Grill

Remediation Consultant

Martin Glejdura

Project Manager

Evelina Kolodziej

Office Manager

Timothy J.W. Lockett

Office Coordinator

Eva Pilarek

Administrative Assistant

Russel E. Graham

Remediation Consultant Emeritus


Head of Security

Why Five Star?

Located in beautiful Malvern, PA, Five Star Contractors, INC. serves South-Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware as the premium choice for your building envelope specialists. Five Star Contractors, INC. excels in the Stucco remediation, replacement, and restoration of moisture damaged homes due to an extensive understanding of the building science of each project we undertake. This unique approach allows us to to provide our customers with high-quality siding services that our competitors simply cannot match.

Commitment to Excellence.

Five Star Contractors, INC. is devoted to providing the best possible service to each customer, which is why we are constantly working on obtaining new qualifications, as well as further mastering our current skill-sets to provide all clients with the best service available. Five Star Contractors, INC:

  • Employs well-trained, dedicated individuals;
  • Carefully selects the materials used to ensure consistent quality across a broad spectrum of individual housing needs;
  • Is owned by experts who have years of comprehensive field experience and who understand the importance of attention to detail needed to accomplish the task at hand.

Five Star Philosophy.

Five Star Contractors, INC. is on the forefront of the Stucco remediation field not because of our desire to outperform our competitors, but rather our unwavering commitment to do what is required to provide value to our customers long after a project has been completed.

Every year, there are more horror stories about large companies spending large sums of money to fix homes they have built, or pay for litigation in defense of those builds. Five Star Contractors, INC. may not be a national company, but we follow a philosophy that our competitors have forgotten in their pursuit of profit: the quality of work, and ROI for customers outweigh all other metrics of a business success.
Five Star Contractors, INC. will remediate your home in a way you can be proud of.