“The most recognized and respected exterior renovation contractor serving the tri-state area.”

If you've come to this site looking for answers on how to either renovate your home or remediate an existing problem, then you have found the right company. While Five Star does specialize in stucco remediation, James Hardie siding installation and stonework, we are capable of handling nearly any request of home customization a homeowner could ask for. More importantly we are here solely to help you, a homeowner in need.

There are many contractors today who focus on the sale, and installation of new cladding. However Five Star is a contractor who prides itself not on the price tag of material sold, but rather the satisfaction of the homeowner from our superior workmanship. Five Star takes time to foster a partnership with each homeowner we work with, and completes each home in a timely, professional manner. There is no other contractor who can compete with the quality, or return on investment that Five Star offers. To learn more about how we could help you, please explore our website!

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
— Benjamin Franklin


Attention to Detail

While Five Star is committed to quality, it is not what separates us from our competitors. Rather, it is our process that separates us from our competition. Five Star takes the time to understand each customer's needs for remediation, and then recognizes difference in scope of work needed from one home to the next.

At Five Star, we understand how the utility, desired outlook, and geographical location plays into the overall satisfaction of the homes we remediate. From our slavish attention to detail, to our workmanship, Five Star makes sure our customer's needs are always put first.

Building science approach

Although this is not our work, it illustrates just how different each part of a home can be in regards to sunlight. Five Star takes the time to sit down with every client in order to discuss the full scope of work for each project, so both Five Star and the home owner are in total agreement of what is to be remediated. Five Star understands that no two houses are the same, even if they are on the same street, built to the same specifications, and have the same claddings.

Hardieplank complimenting new stone work.

Hardieplank complimenting new stone work.

Many factors influence the success of the claddings that are used to protect your home. Five Star understands that each elevation is to be thought of independently as wind, sun exposure, and many more environmental factors affect water filtration of each wall. Five Star excels at applying the principles of building science to each home we remediate.

Your go-to contractor

Although Five Star specializes in stucco remediation, we also have skilled laborers who are capable of building many structures besides walls. From decking and patios to pool houses, we are open to collaboration with clients, and will do whatever we can in order to help you build your dream home.